CCQC Announces First Copper Application

On Wednesday, October 15th California Citrus Quality Council (CCQC) announced the dates for the first copper application for shipments to Korea. See the information below:

“This is an advisory for all California orange packinghouses in all counties regarding the first preharvest field-application of a fungicide for all orange blocks eligible to ship to Korea in the 2020/2021 season. The first field application of zinc-copper-lime or a registered alternative is highly recommended for all oranges planned for exportation to Korea. The treatment should be applied between October 15 and November 30 for all California oranges including Navels and Valencias shipped to Korea. Registered alternatives such as Quadris Top® (azoxystrobin and difenoconazole), Abound® (azoxystrobin), and other fungicides such as Priaxor (fluxapyraxad and pyraclostrobin) or Luna Sensation (fluopyram and trifloxystrobin) are also highly effective and should be applied in November. Registered alternatives could be used in rotation with zinc-copper-lime treatments if additional applications of fungicides are needed later in the season.”

For more information on this announcement, please contact CCQC at (530) 885-1894.

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