No on Prop 15 Campaign Update: Opposition is Increasing

Recent polling indicates that voter support for Prop 15 is falling in response to the No on Prop 15 campaign.  The polling numbers show what we’ve known all along, once voters are educated about the initiative and the threat is poses to Prop 13 tax protections, support for the initiative declines rapidly.

Agriculture is unified in its opposition to Prop 15 and is heavily supporting the No on Prop 15 campaign. CCM recently hosted a webinar with Josh Walters, political consultant for the Alliance of Farmers and Ranchers which is leading the No on Prop 15 campaign efforts on behalf of the agriculture industry.

The collective opposition campaign, which includes companion efforts by the Business Roundtable and other agricultural groups,  recently released ads calling attention to the impacts of Prop 15 to the solar energy sector, and consequently all ratepayers.  The ads have been wildly successful, as evidenced by the proponents aggressive counterattacks.

This week, our campaign updated its radio and digital ads to focus on the highest polling message – that homeowners are next. Radio ads are now running throughout the state, which heavily emphasis from Sacramento to Bakersfield. You can view the ad here: Our message is already making an impact and has resulted in the opposition purchasing additional radio time.

Prop 15 is clearly one of the most contested initiatives on the 2020 ballot and certainly poses the largest direct threat to California agriculture.  CCM, as a founding Board member of the Alliance of California Farmers and Ranchers, is directly engaged with the No on Prop 15 campaign.  As we have previously communicated, the impacts to the citrus industry if Prop 15 passes in November could be catastrophic.

The individual impact to each citrus growers and citrus operation will vary, but there is no denying that Prop 15 is just the first attempt to slice and dice Prop 13 and the tax protections it provides to residential and commercial land owners.

Please consider making a contribution to the No on Prop 15 campaign at

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