Week 38: September 24, 2020

Click Here to print Volume 43, No. 38 – September 24, 2020 Market Overview Valencias: Prices increased by an average of 14% in week 38. Although utilization is falling into the upper 60% [...]


Citrus harvest will soon begin citrus in Kern County….the information provided below is to help prevent ACP from establishing in commercial orchards and assist in the movement of harvested [...]

Week 37: September 17, 2020

Click Here to print Volume 43, No. 37 – September 17, 2020 Market Overview Valencias: The industry moved 265 loads last week. We will continue to see weekly volumes declining as the season [...]

Family Leave Bill Signed by the Governor

On September 17, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom signed SB 1383 (Jackson), which greatly expands employee job protected leave. Under current law, employers with over 50 employees are subject to the [...]

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