Free N-95 Masks for Smoke Protection

The California Office of Emergency Services has partnered with the California Department of Food and Agriculture and the County Ag Commissioners to provide FREE N95 masks for agricultural employers to protect outdoor employees from wildfire smoke.

California Citrus Mutual is a N95 respirator/mask distribution location. Masks are available for pickup at the CCM office located at 512 N Kaweah Avenue, Exeter while supplies last.

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N95 masks are supplied by the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services to save lives and protect public health. All recipients of any state-supplied PPE items must complete and sign a Personal Protective Equipment Request form, which will be available at the CCM office when you pick up your masks.

Supplies are limited and approved for the following agricultural uses only:

  • Pesticide applications when required by product labeling.
  • Respiratory protection outdoors when air quality index PM2.5 is 151 or greater

Per the Cal/OSHA Wildfire Smoke Protection Regulation, where the current AQI for PM2.5 is from 151 to 500, employers must provide NIOSH-approved particulate respirators, such as N95 masks, to all employees for voluntary use, and training on the regulation, the health effects of wildfire smoke, and the safe use and maintenance of respirators.

Where the current AQI for PM2.5 is higher than 500, the employer must provide and require employees to use NIOSH-approved particulate respirators that will reduce employee exposure to PM2.5 to an equivalent of an AQI less than 151.

For questions, contact Alyssa Houtby at (559) 592-3890 or

Other Distribution Sites

Fresno County: Masks are available now at the County Ag Commissioner’s Office and at the Fresno County Farm Bureau.

  1. Schedule a time to pick up your masks at the Fresno County Farm Bureau Office here.
  2. Schedule a time to pick you your masks at the Fresno County Department of Agriculture by calling (559) 600-7510.

Tulare County: The Tulare County Ag Commissioner’s office has secured N95 mask as well as other PPE for COVID-19. Schedule a time to pick you your masks at the Tulare County Department of Agriculture by calling 684-3350 or email

To locate additional distribution sites, contact your County Agricultural Commissioner’s office.

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