President’s Message: Support Needed to Stop Proposition 15

Dear Members,

This November, California voters will be confronted with Proposition 15. Deceptively titled “California Schools and Local Community Funding Act of 2020,” Prop. 15 undermines California’s existing property tax assessment system by removing the protections of Proposition 13 for commercial and agricultural properties.

The measure exempts agricultural land, but improvements to land such as mature trees are not exempt.  Farm structures and packinghouses would also be subject to property tax reassessment at fair market value no less frequently than every three years.

It’s clear that Prop. 15 will have significant impacts to the citrus industry. Therefore, California Citrus Mutual is supporting an opposition campaign being organized by the Alliance of California’s Farmers and Ranchers to help defeat this costly ballot measure.

The Alliance, of which CCM is a founding member, has retained a full-time political strategist to develop a campaign strategy that will work collaboratively with the broader business community to educate California’s voters about the negative impacts Prop. 15 will have on working families.

The Yes on Prop. 15 campaign is well funded by major labor unions.  We must have a well-funded campaign and strategic campaign strategy to be successful.  A large coalition of agriculture organizations has come together to support the Alliance’s campaign and we hope you will consider supporting the No on 15 campaign.

California Citrus Mutual recommends a contribution of $1 per acre and $5,000 per packinghouse and other supporting allied businesses.

We understand that every tax situation is unique and thus the impacts of Prop. 15 will vary operation to operation.  We encourage you to review your own tax implications and contribute accordingly.

Contributions can be made online at or by mail with the enclosed contribution form. With agriculture and the broader business community coming together, we are confident that a strong campaign can defeat this costly proposition.  Thank you for your consideration.


Casey Creamer

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