Masks Available through Local Ag Commissioners

Tulare County

The Tulare County Agricultural Commissioner was able to purchase a limited number of N95 masks and is willing/able to distribute them at cost.  A box of 20 masks is $125.00. These are intended to assist our agricultural industry to stay safe and compliant with our pesticide laws.  If you need a box, please call our office at 684-3350.  These are not intended for those companies that are otherwise capable of finding N95 masks on their own. Let us know the number of pesticide handlers you employ, and we will let you know how many we can issue at this time.  More may be available later, assuming the masks are still difficult to find for the smaller operators.

Fresno County

Currently, Fresno County Agricultural Commissioner has 140,000 2-ply surgical masks available at no cost through a partnership with CDFA. In addition, 10,000 N95 respirators for pesticide regulatory compliance. The price, including tax, is $109.60 per box of 20. Five boxes per customer and are for Fresno County growers with a pesticide permit or pest control business.

Ventura County

 The Ventura County Ag Commissioner has 606,000 2-ply surgical masks on hand.

For more information on your county, please contact your local ag commissioner.

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