Important Reminder to DPR Continuing Education (CE) Course Sponsors and Licensees:

With many CE courses being converted to online and webinar formats, the Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) reminds you that CE courses can only be taken one-time per calendar year in order to receive hours towards license and certificate renewal requirements. It is very important to ensure that a course is not attended more than once with the intent of getting additional CE hours.

CE Course Sponsors: DPR asks that you monitor registration of your CE courses having the same agenda and DPR ID Code and notify any individuals that sign up more than once that they will not receive additional CE hours for attending again. We want to ensure that individuals do not attend your courses more than once and are then short CE hours come renewal time.

License and Certificate Holders: In order to avoid delays or non-renewal of your license or certificate, please ensure you are attending different CE courses with different pesticides and pest management topics to meet your renewal requirement for CE hours. Please check with a course sponsor should you want to take a course similar to one you have already completed with the same course sponsor (even if it is taking place on a different date, time, or location).

Ensure you receive a certificate of CE course completion for each class you attend. CE course sponsors are required by regulation to give each attendee a record of completion with the hours completed in each CE category; as well as CE sponsors must keep their own records with this information. The record of course completion must include all of the following information:

  1. DPR Identification code number
  2. Course Date
  3. Course Title
  4. Course Location
  5. Name of sponsoring organization
  6. License or certificate holder’s name
  7. License or certificate holder’s DPR License or Certificate number
  8. Hours credited in each category
  9. License or certificate holder’s signature

If you are missing any certificates of completion or have questions about CE hours earned for a course, please contact the sponsor of the course in question. Course sponsor information can be found on the DPR web page sorted by date:

Additionally, be sure to turn in your renewal application as early as possible so DPR has time to notify you if you are unknowingly short CE hours. You might have time to make up missing hours before December 31. There is no grace period for getting CE after December 31st has passed.

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