Support Needed for Central California Food Bank

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Central California Food Bank is struggling to meet demand. The below note from their President & CEO Andy Souza explains the current situation and needs. California Citrus Mutual has enjoyed a partnership with CCFB over the years, and they fill an important role in our communities.  If you can, please consider helping in any way you can.


We are committed to keeping you updated with our efforts during the COVID-19 pandemic. Even though there is a state-wide ‘shelter-in-place’ ordinance, we, as a food bank, are considered an essential service. Therefore, we are fully operational. Here’s a recap of updates from Central California Food Bank:

  • Central California Food Bank provides food to over 70,000 households on a monthly basis, and we have seen a nearly 50% increase at all distributions at this time.
  • We are conducting an ongoing gap analysis and are recruiting volunteers and new locations in the areas of highest need where there are no other services, such as rural communities.
  • While food safety has always been our top priority, we have significantly increased our cleaning protocols during this pandemic.
  • We are working with our partner agencies to convert to “drive-through” distributions when possible in order to limit contact.
  • A majority of our administrative staff are now telecommuting when possible to reduce the number of staff onsite.
  • We need your support so we can acquire rice, pasta, beans, peanut butter, shelf-stable goods, and fresh produce. Please consider a donation by clicking the button below.

There are three main ways you can support us during this time: donate, volunteer, and spread the word. We’ve linked these opportunities below. Thank you for sticking by our side during the biggest crisis we have dealt with in our history as a food bank.


We are navigating uncharted territory and we need your help. Many of our distributions have been cancelled as their volunteer base is made up of people who are 65+, leaving them too vulnerable to participate. This means we have fewer distributions combined with a higher demand for food. Our overhead costs will skyrocket as we purchase food to meet the need. Please help us ensure that our community is fed during this scary, uncertain time. You can donate here.


Many of you have asked how you can help. We are updating our volunteer opportunities as they arise and are keeping them small to follow CDC recommendations. To view dates & times and to sign-up, click here. Opportunities will be added often so please do not be discouraged if you can’t find a spot immediately, we encourage you to check back often!


We want to get the word out to the most people as possible. Please like and share the content on our social media platforms so that we may reach people who need our services. Links to social media:

Instagram: @cencalfoodbank


Andy Souza

President & CEO


4010 E. Amendola Dr.

Fresno, CA 93725


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