COVID-19 Legislative and Regulatory Resources on the CCM Website

CCM has created a resource page with all the COVID-19 updates that relate to our membership. Please visit the page to see the resources CCM has gathered that will inform and navigate you through this time. For a direct link, please click here.

Available under the legislative and regulatory resources section is a summary of Governor Newsom’s Executive Orders and relevant state and federal guidance for the agricultural industry and employers. Additionally, we have included links to the California Department of Food and Agriculture’s resources page, which includes a comprehensive list of state and federal guidance and resources relating to the food supply chain, food safety, USDA information and updates regarding H-2A visas for employees, and federal, state, and local government programs for small businesses and tax relief.

This section also includes information about the Family First COVID Response Act (FFCRA), which provides employees mandatory emergency paid sick leave and expands the family medical leave act.  We have compiled several summaries and question/answer documents for your convenience.  Additionally, you will find links to the U.S. DOL’s guidance released on March 25th, 2020, and the DOL poster that employers are required to post at their place of business and share with employees working remotely.

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