Employee Transit Letters During Shelter in Place Ordinances

CCM staff, along with other agriculture organizations, have been working on getting guidance from the State that includes the agriculture supply chain as providing an essential service. This guidance is attached here from the California Department of Food and Agriculture. We also signed onto a letter to the Governor asking him to issue a resolution to the same effect. The Federal government has already issued a memorandum stating the food supply is critical infrastructure. Statewide guidance is helpful to combat the county by county and now city by city shelter in place ordinances that are popping up. In preparation for potential shelter in place ordinances, CCM recommends all members provide their employees with a letter stating that they are an employee of an essential business. A sample letter is here. We have heard reports that some employees have been stopped in the bay area on their way to and from work and asked to return home. We recommend every employee keep the letter on them while moving to and from work.

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