A Letter from President/CEO Casey Creamer

It has been an interesting and nerve-wracking few weeks for the world regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Without the many people who continue to work to provide health, safety, and food, there would be little stability. Therefore, CCM would like to start by thanking all of you who are cultivating, processing, packaging, and delivering our food supply. We are closely monitoring and working on your behalf to ensure that you have the tools necessary to continue to meet consumer needs. We encourage you to keep your focus on employee health and utilize all of the tools available for you to do so. If there is any way our office can be of assistance, please reach out.

As we continue to meet with our elected officials across California, we remind them of what is involved in the food supply chain. CCM is working to ensure that across operations, individuals can move to and from work freely as new shelter in place ordinances arrive. Both the State and Federal governments are crafting stimulus and budget packages.  We are engaging at both levels to ensure that agriculture is included in the deals. California Citrus Mutual is working alongside you as we work to fight this pandemic.

As this critical situation continues to unfold, it is imperative that we are able to communicate quickly and efficiently with the California citrus industry. Therefore, if you are aware of any person that does not receive our email blasts, please have them reach out. It has never been more critical to check the website or our emails.

Casey Creamer


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