Important Changes for Using Paraquat

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has required that by November 14, 2019, Paraquat manufacturers must make several changes to the product label.  These changes will impact all users of Paraquat.  The primary changes include:  both English and Spanish language versions of warnings printed on the label, as well as a revised restricted-use statement; and the requirement for U.S. EPA-approved training in addition to restricted-use materials certification by the state.  It is important that you are in compliance by November so as not to affect your farming operations.

The link for the U.S. EPA-mandated Paraquat specific training certificate is This training must be completed every 3 years in order to mix, load, apply, or handle Paraquat.

Please read the Q&A provided by Syngenta for more information on how to obtain your certified applicator licenses (PAC, QAC or QAL).  If you or anyone you know needs to get trained for QAC/QAL tests, PAPA offers a preparation course for a fee:

Just a reminder, if you have any Paraquat products with the current/“old” label you are fine to use that product as you are now, following all label instructions, until November of 2020.

Attached here is a Paraquat Stewardship Q&A. If you have any questions, please contact Lori Apodaca, Director of Regulatory Affairs at 559-592-3790 or  You can also contact your local county ag commissioner or Paraquat sales representative for more information.

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