Valley Submits Water Recommendations to Governor Newsom

The Water Blueprint for the San Joaquin Valley submitted formal recommendations for the Water Resilience Portfolio (WRP) in response to Governor Newsom’s Executive Order (EO) N-10-19.  The purpose of the Blueprint coalition is to develop a comprehensive plan to close the 1.5 to 2.5 million acre-foot gap that exists today.  The group also highlighted the serious economic impacts on agriculture and rural communities if our water issues are not addressed.

The recommendations presented were policy and regulatory changes to expedite processes, infrastructure needs, and State economic investments.  The coalition is working closely with the Newsom Administration to align the Blueprint with the Water Resilience Portfolio.  The Blueprint is exactly the kind of regional partnership that is necessary to address our major water challenges in the face of SGMA.  The answer to SGMA is to first maximize surface water availability.

California Citrus Mutual is a financial contributor to the Water Blueprint and is an active participant in the advocacy effort.  You can view the entire list of participants here. To read the entire Blueprint and letter sent to Nancy Vogel, Director of the Governors Water Portfolio Program please follow this link.

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