A Special Thank You to Joel Nelsen

By: Curt Holmes, CCM Chairman, and Casey Creamer, CCM President

You may have read in past President Joel Nelsen’s letter that Monday marked the end of a distinguished 37-year career with California Citrus Mutual. Joel has been a prominent face of the California citrus industry and has given the membership a strong voice in all matters pertaining to citrus.  He fought for the citrus industry with a fearless drive that the industry respected and admired.

One is never handed a 37-year long career. That level of success and tenure is earned time and time again. On many occasions to his very last official day, Joel proved why he had this position for so long. He always showed up and worked to the very last minute.  Hard work and determination are the hallmarks of his career.  This work ethic led to big gains for the industry and numerous other important successes along the way.

The team will continue to work with Joel in a new consulting capacity that allows him and his wonderful wife Suezette the opportunity to travel and enjoy this next chapter in life.  Joel, on behalf of CCM and the industry, we thank you for all that you did on our behalf.  Enjoy a well-deserved retirement!

Photo courtesy of University of California, Riverside.

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