California Citrus Mutual Applauds Agreement with Japan

The announcement by the Administration regarding the market access agreement with Japan is excellent news for the California citrus industry.

“The California citrus industry has faced a 32% Japanese tariff rate for far too long,” states CCM President Casey Creamer.

“As Japan entered into agreements with other citrus-producing trading partners the California citrus industry was put at a competitive disadvantage.  The new market access agreement immediately puts California fresh citrus in a position equal to the agreement reached previously between Japan and other nations,” continues Creamer.

In 2016 the U.S. citrus industry exported 70,366 metric tons to Japan, the majority originated from California. In 2018 the tonnage slipped to 48,060 metric tons.

Creamer notes, “The agreement does not require Congressional approval, but the Japanese National Diet must vote to concur. We trust the Japanese government will fully support their leadership and by January 2020, the agreement will be implemented at the peak of California’s export opportunity.”

Read the Fact Sheet regarding the Japan Trade Agreement from USTR here.

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