Long-awaited Resolutions

Today, August 15,  within literally five-minutes, CCM received notice of two positive conclusions on subjects of keen interest.  More elaboration will follow in subsequent Market Memos, but the final final inspection for the BSL3 facility in Riverside has been concluded and the facility is now open for business!  USDA returned with biosecurity experts to ascertain our completion of their recommendations after an initial inspection.  They were accompanied by officials from the State as well as the City and County of Riverside.  They recommended alternative wording on the facility’s exterior signage and similar minor tweaks, but ended the tour with a comment to the containment director, “Bring in the trees!”  Industry, led by the Citrus Research Foundation, and UCR have already approved four projects and they too were cleared for occupancy.  More to come!!

The second item was a notice from the Federal Crop Insurance Corporation that CCM’s effort to create a young tree crop insurance program has been approved.  Over a year of meetings and deliberations led to Thursday’s vote.  Now we work with the Kansas City office on the final details and policy which should be done in ample time for a November 1 release.  Here again – More to come!

Yep, it was a great five minutes beginning at 11:58 on August 15, 2019.  Now back to reality…

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