RSVP Today for Issues & Eggs with Assembly Member Adam Gray

Support the CCM Political Action Committee! Reserve your ticket today for Issues & Eggs with Assembly Member Adam Gray on July 26th at the Visalia Country Club.

Join us for what promises to be an interesting and enlightening conversation about water, politics, and the future of farming in California at the CCM PAC Issues & Eggs breakfast with special guest Assembly Member Adam Gray.

Issues & Eggs is one of few events we host each year to raise funds for our State and Federal Political Action Committees and we need your support.  For CCM to remain a respective and effective voice in Sacramento and D.C., we continue to raise PAC funds to invest in legislators and candidates who support the policy interests of our industry and the agriculture community.

At the State level, we are up against opposition by members of the legislature who have a true and adamant bias against agriculture.  There is no changing the minds of those who firmly believe that agriculture is the root of environmental quality issues and social injustices.  BUT, there is a growing body of legislators that operate in the middle and their minds are open.  They are the people we are working to foster relationships with, to educate, and who will be our future champions.  We’ve done it before – Senate Pro Tem Toni Atkins, Senator Roth in Riverside, Senator Glazer in Bay Area, and Assembly Members Jacqui Irwin, Jim Cooper, and Richard Bloom – are only a few of the so-called “moderates” that are truly working FOR us in Sacramento.

Following the election last November, the CCM PAC and Government Relations Committee created a new strategic plan for government relations that is comprehensive and realistic given the politics in the State and at the federal level.  At the state level, we want to grow a moderate caucus so that that the current anti-agriculture voice is reduced to a whisper.  PAC spending is an important part of that strategy.  Combined with our advocacy and educational efforts, we’re confident we will succeed.

At the Federal level, we have an opportunity to invest in both new and ranking members of Congress from California who are already working on our priority issues of water, pest and disease funding, and trade.

So, please join us on Friday, July 26th.  We have lined up a fantastic speaker – Assembly Member Adam Gray – who will talk about his efforts to restore balance at the State Water Resources Control Board and advocate for policies that support agriculture.   Assembly Member Gray is one of those working FOR us.  He’s also one of few legislators that is able to walk the political tightrope and forge meaningful relationships with the Governor that has already yielded benefits for agriculture.  He’ll talk about all of that and more over breakfast on the 26th.

To RSVP, you can do so online or by calling CCM at (559) 592-3790. Tickets are $150 per person and tables of 8 can be reserved.   Proceeds go to the California Citrus Mutual PAC.

What:              Issues & Eggs with Assembly Member Adam Gray, a Fundraiser for the CCM PAC

Where:            Visalia County Club

When:             Friday, July 26 – 7:30 a.m.

RSVP:              California Citrus Mutual at (559) 592-3790 or

Tickets:           $150 per person. Tables of 8 and 10 can be reserved. Please make checks payable to CCM PAC.

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