CARB Truck and Bus Mileage Reporting Reminder

CCM wants to remind everyone who has a fleet registered with the California Air Resources Board’s (CARB) Truck and Bus Reporting System to report their mileage if you have not already done so.  The reporting timeline opened on January 1st.  Recently, CARB’s Enforcement Division has been sending out letters to fleets that have been deemed “Non-Compliant” with the TRUCRS Reporting System.  These letters often have a fine amount included on the letter, but the Enforcement Division has been working closely with fleet owners to try and get these vehicles back into good standing with the rule.  Please do not ignore these letters!  We can work with CARB to help you get back into compliance.

Significant changes have also been made for this reporting session, specifically to many of the Ag Compliance Options that are available for agricultural fleets.  Changes to the reporting options include mileage reductions for Low Use and the Agricultural Mileage Extension Compliance Options.  The Low Use compliance option drops from 5,000 miles per year down to 1,000 miles per year.  The Agricultural Mileage Extension drops from 15,000 miles per year down to 10,000 miles per year.  If you run into any issues in reporting, please feel free to contact Lori Apodaca, Director of Regulatory Affairs at, or by phone at 559-592-3790.

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