Spreading Thanks in D.C.

CCM’s Joel Nelsen is in Washington, D.C. this week to thank members of Congress for their efforts to secure additional funding for the U.S. citrus industry in its battle against Huanglongbing.  Nelsen also distributed samples of reports, data, and various educational materials to highlight the value and work of the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program.  “It’s important that our champions see what we do with the funds appropriated and provide a foundation to sustain federal support for citrus-producing states,” says Nelsen. “CCM has a long history of working with both Republican and Democrat offices which has enabled CCM to initiate bi-partisan solutions for our industry.”

Nelsen also took meetings with several House offices about the proposed immigration legislation and with USDA regarding the fruit purchase program – the last buy is scheduled to close in 10 days and fruit will be delivered in the last quarter of this year.  Additionally, Nelsen met with EPA to discuss activity at the federal level on neonicotinoids in anticipation of future actions in California.

CCM will continue to focus on domestic trade imbalance with colleagues across the country, strongly engage in efforts to pass immigration and guest worker legislation, and of course, any and all fronts specific to Huanglongbing.  We expect discussions with Japan commence after Japanese elections later this month.  Presently off-shore competitors have more favorable conditions regarding tariffs, thus leveling that playing field is important.

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