CPDPP Releases New Public Service Announcements

The Citrus Pest and Disease unveiled a new public service announcement (PSA) aimed to encourage homeowners to inspect and report residential citrus trees for signs of Huanglongbing.  The PSA, titled “What if California Citrus Disappeared”  gives viewers a startling image of life without citrus. Powerful shots of citrus disappearing off a grocery store shelf and a breakfast table with no orange juice illustrate the ways citrus is incorporated into our daily lives, and how missed it would be if HLB takes hold.

The 30-second video concludes with a strong call-to-action to insect and report signed of ACP and HLB.

The PSA is part of the CPDPP’s robust public education and outreach campaign.   According to the CPDPP Annual Report released earlier this year, the budget for outreach and collaboration was $1,702,546.  Combined media coverage and advertising via print, social media, TV, radio, and billboard displays generated over 110 million impressions in Fiscal Year 2017-18.

In the coming weeks, the new PSA will be released to the TV media market and shared on the Citrus Pest and Disease Prevention Program social media channels as well as to local and state elected officials.

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