Immigration Bill Passes the House? Hmmm not so fast

What the House did pass was legislation to provide legal status to undocumented immigrants.  So that means the existing work force could become legal residents and take the offered pathway to citizenship.  It passed on a party line vote, moves to the Senate which has a high degree of uncertainty for passage in its present form.  So the Dreamers and the Dream Act can solve one element of our immigration package.  But in its present form the Administration has signaled this legislation is incomplete.  Nowhere is there language regarding the immigration process for new applicants seeking temporary status.  Nowhere is there language about numerical caps, touchback and while it appears vulnerability issues have been addressed during the legalization process there is too much vagueness to ascertain certainty for family members.

The next steps are Senate activity, maybe; Senate passage followed by House & Senate Conference negotiations, maybe, which then leads to final passage in both chambers on the compromise legislation, maybe, which is then forwarded to the President for signature.  MAYBE! In order to satisfy produce industry needs the Dreamer or DACA legislation needs additional components that focus on H2A and a guest worker program. Citrus Mutual has several principles on regarding vulnerability removal for existing workers and families, employee portability for seasonal purposes, less onerous touchback and an efficient process to legal status. Still others focus on H2Awith the Adverse Wage Rate being a major area of discussion.

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