Val Dolcini Named Acting DPR Director

Val Dolcini, who is currently serving as Deputy Secretary for Agriculture at CalEPA, will add Acting Director of the Department of Pesticide Regulation beginning June 3rd.  Teresa Marks, who has served as Acting Director since Brian Leahy’s departure has announced her retirement effective May 31st.  The change in leadership was abrupt, but not totally unexpected as Ms. Marks had pulled her name from consideration for the permanent Director position at DPR.

CCM President Casey Creamer met with Ms. Marks and senior DPR staff on Friday of last week to discuss the recent decision to cancel chlorpyrifos and their continuing evaluation of neonicotinoids.  During that meeting there was no indication of a pending retirement.

In a recent meeting with the new Acting Director Val Dolcini, he indicated that the department was currently reviewing resumes for the permanent Director position.  CCM is currently working with Val Dolcini on setting up a visit to HLB impacted areas so that there is a better understanding of how the decisions coming from DPR impacts our fight to keep HLB out of commercial groves.

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