On the Chemical Registration Front

The 24c for use of Movento on Citrus during bloom has been renewed, extending the use thru April 30, 2024.  The 24c is beneficial during ACP control periods in the Counties of Ventura, Santa Barbara, San Luis Obispo, Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside, San Diego, Imperial, Santa Cruz, and San Benito.  A one-time bloom treatment can be considered by the grower at 8-10 fluid ounces per acre or a pound ai of .13-.16 per acre.  As a reminder, the pre harvest interval is one day and maximum authorized for use per acre in one year is 20 fluid ounces or .31lb ai/acre.

The en banc appeal to the 9th Circuit Court regarding the registration of chlorpyrifos was successful and EPA was given 90 days to issue a final registration decision.  Recall that a three judge panel within the 9th Circuit sought to cancel the registration after the Trump Administration redirected the registration process.  CCM was one of several agricultural organizations that intervened arguing that the pathway, among other things, embarked upon by the Obama Administration was flawed.  Over the protests of several farm worker organizations and environmental activists AND the state of California the full circuit agreed to EPA’s request that they be given 90 more days.  CCM has been asked to continue its involvement, so the CCM attorneys are working on our next filing.

Meanwhile, a study group from UC San Diego has issued a report stipulating that Sivanto may not be as safe as advertised on bees.  IF you use a lot of material and IF it is used in conjunction with other materials the resulting cocktail could kill an excessive amount of bees.  This is why the citrus industry follows the label which is based on several evaluations of use.  CCM is staying close to this report as well.

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