Legislation to Cancel Chlorpyrifos Moves in Sacramento

Legislation that would ban the use of chlorpyrifos in California is being promoted by Legislators relying upon science from activists.  Seventeen agricultural organizations, including Citrus Mutual are opposing this effort as a vehicle that deviates from a science-based system while relying upon flawed data and emotion.  The five-page communication speaks to the registration system at the Federal level and within the state; it speaks to the reevaluation process presently being undertaken, talks about the value to a diversified body of agricultural products and strongly suggests that political decisions are not the foundation of determining the safe use of a crop protection tool.

The CCM board of directors and government relations committee will be in Sacramento next week with this bill on their radar.  Several Ag Commissioners from Northern California have weighed into the debate as well indicating overall use is down and existing restrictions and regulations provide ample foundation for the safe use of the material.

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