On the Chemical Registration Front

The 24c for use of Movento on Citrus during bloom has been renewed, extending the use thru April 30, 2024.  The 24c is beneficial during ACP control periods in the Counties of Ventura, Santa [...]

Trade Talk

First the good news.  The Administration is threatening to go over the EU producers regarding the availability of very inexpensive airplane parts being made available to manufacturers to the [...]

Social Security Mismatch and Immigration

The Saqui Law Group, a division of Dowling Aaron recently put together information regarding employers and Social Security ‘no matches.” According to the group, the Social Security Administration [...]

ACP/HLB Committee Issues Annual Report

“Citrus trees are a critical piece of the state’s agricultural landscape from backyard trees beloved by homeowners to the rolling acres of beautiful and fragrant commercial citrus trees,” so [...]

Industry BSL3 Facility Passes Big Test

The industry sponsored BSL3 facility being built in Riverside jumped a major hurdle this past Tuesday.  A containment facility of this sort must past a certification inspection conducted by [...]

This from the SF Chronicle

“In 2017 over 55 percent of all fresh fruit available to U.S. consumers was imported. And while just under a third of the total supply of fresh vegetables in the U.S. came from overseas, that [...]

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