ACP/HLB Committee Responds to Sacramento ACP Detection

In response to the ACP detection in Sacramento County, NST worked with CDFA and the Sacramento County Agricultural Commissioner’s office to notify local media about the detection, and encourage cooperation and inspection by residents. As a result of this outreach, 34 stories were published or broadcasted across four days in the greater Sacramento region and garnered 680,400+ impressions specifically about the detection.

Of note, The Sacramento Bee published a comprehensive article on the issue and every local TV station in the area ran a story on it. The full list of media coverage is below.

Additionally, upon hearing about the detection, NST launched Facebook ads targeting the specific zip code of the detection site. The ads included our “What to Expect” video which highlights CDFA’s residential program, and reached 2,000 individuals located in the same zip code. NST is also developing strategies to connect with the large Hmong American community in the area.

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