Friant Water Authority Hires Johnny Amaral as Chief of External Affairs

Friant Water Authority (Friant) announced that Johnny Amaral will join Friant on March 25 as the organization’s Chief of External Affairs.  Johnny is currently serving as Westlands Water District’s Deputy General Manager for External Affairs, a position he has held since 2015. As Chief of External Affairs, Johnny will oversee Friant’s engagement with San Joaquin Valley farmers, businesses, and related industry groups regarding water policy and water supply matters, as well as legislative, lobbying, and communications activities.

Two of the key areas Johnny will immediately focus on include Friant’s efforts to help increase San Joaquin Valley farmers ability to recharge groundwater, and the Friant-Kern Canal conveyance restoration efforts. Friant is engaged with Groundwater Sustainability Agencies, community representatives, farm bureaus, advocacy groups, commodities groups, and other water agencies to develop a strategic plan for long-term sustainability in the San Joaquin Valley. For the Friant-Kern Canal conveyance restoration effort, Johnny will work to help identify partnerships to assist in implementing long-term repairs to the critical facility.

Prior to working at Westlands Water District, Johnny served as Chief of Staff for Congressman Devin Nunes for more than 13 years. Johnny is a native of Tulare, and currently lives in Exeter with his wife Stephanie, and two children, Taylor and JT.

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