CCM Scholarships Now Available!

Each year CCM awards three scholarships to students who are pursuing an education and future in the agricultural industry. The deadline to apply for all three scholarships is May 31, 2019. [...]

CCM Tree Removal Program Reenergized

Thanks to a generous grant from Bayer CropScience and a Specialty Crop Block Grant from CDFA, the Citrus Mutual tree removal program has sufficient funding to remove neglected, abandoned, or back [...]

CalEPA Restructuring

Governor Newsom has announced new appointments for his fledgling administration with surprises at the California Environmental Protection Agency (CalEPA).  Serena McIlwain of Sacramento has been [...]

Columbian Import Rule Finalized

On Tuesday, USDA formally adopted rules allowing the importation of citrus from Columbia.  This does not result in additional tonnage for the domestic market at this time, however.  Columbia has [...]

Clouds in the Crystal Ball?

USDA is projecting U.S. citrus output to decline over the next decade much of which is attributable to HLB challenges in Florida and Texas.  Recognizing that tonnage output is now being reduced, [...]

Industry HLB Lab this Close!

How close you ask?  The facility passed a final pre-certification test last week and now the California Citrus Research Foundation (CCRF) awaits confirmation from USDA as to when they will visit, [...]

Bloom and Petal Fall Declarations

Bloom season is underway and for citrus, this establishes the beginning of a time period when the use of insecticides is greatly restricted in citrus groves. As 10% bloom is declared in each [...]

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