USDA Purchases 1.16 Million Cartons of Citrus

Late last week, USDA announced another round of citrus purchases, the majority of which were cartons of fruit at a price ranging from $11.50 – $24.29 including transportation costs. This fruit was destined for California, the West Coast, and multiple stops heading East.  Additionally, another 485,000 units of 3lb bags were purchased at prices ranging from $15-$28; again delivered to multiple states from the West to East Coast.  The total value of the product purchased was $22.2 million.  This fruit will be delivered starting this month and running to April.  Approximately 50% of the allocated $55 million has been spent to date.

But wait there is more as USDA has also announced a solicitation for another $4.5 million purchase of oranges both bag and carton with 138s and larger being the preferred sizes.  Delivery of product will be in the April 17 through May 29 timeframe.  Shippers interested in qualifying for and submission of a bid, including transportation costs should access

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