Deficit Billing Issues with Utility Companies

CCM has been made aware of an issue of “deficit billing” from Southern California Edison (SCE) related to new line services installed for irrigation wells.  SCE has claimed that the meters didn’t generate the required revenue during the first 12 months, thus triggering “deficit bills” for the remaining amount to the owners.  In addition, SCE admitted that the contract language was incorrect, but is relying on a clause in the contract that refers to Rule 15:  Distribution Line Extensions, which does have the correct language.  Furthermore, SCE didn’t provide any explanation as to what revenue assumptions were being utilized at the time the owners initiated the project or signed the new connection contract.

Please contact CCM if you have had similar issues with any of the utility companies.  CCM is committed to working with the California Public Utilities Commission and the Ag Energy Consumers Association (AECA), a not-for-profit advocacy organization dedicated to California energy issues, of which CCM is a member, in order to achieve fair and reasonable energy rates and policies.

If you have any questions, please contact Lori Apodaca, Director of Regulatory Affairs at (559) 592-3790.

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