Upcoming UC Ag Expert Webinars

UC Ag Experts have put together a series of 1-hour webinars, designed for growers and Pest Control Advisors, which will highlight various pest management and horticultural topics for citrus and avocados.  During each session, a UC Expert on the subject will make a presentation and entertain write-in questions via chat during and/or after the presentation. As the program develops, they may expand to other crops.

The upcoming webinars include:

Management of plant-parasitic nematodes in citrus orchards – Thursday, February 21, 2019, from 3-4 pm

Dr. Ole Becker, cooperative extension specialist & nematologist at UC Riverside, will discuss plant-parasitic nematodes in citrus, their biology, symptoms, and management, including soil & root sampling, interpretation of analysis results, and rootstock selection. One DPR CE hour (other) and one CCA CE hour (IPM) were approved.

Laurel wilt – Wednesday, March 20, 2019, from 3-4 pm

Dr. Monique J. Rivera will present current knowledge of the laurel wilt, its biology, and spreading. More information to come.

Management of Glyphosate-Resistant Weeds in Orchard Crops – Wednesday, April 24, 2019, from 3-4pm

Dr. Brad Hanson, cooperative extension specialist, will discuss what is herbicide resistance, current state of resistant weeds in CA permanent crops, identification and lifecycle of key glyphosate-resistant weeds, selection pressure for resistant biotypes and species, herbicide modes of action, and examples of herbicide programs for orchard crops. One DPR CE hour (other) and one CCA CE hour (IPM) are pending.

To register for any of the above webinars, please visit https://ucanr.edu/sites/ucexpertstalk/ and click on the relevant link at the top of the page.

Recordings of the past webinars (Fuller rose beetle, respirators, avocado root rot disease, citrus thrips) are available on UC IPM YouTube channel at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLo3rG4iqv4gHBV3YA6w4wkBufwh7GBjrX. CE hours are NOT available for recorded webinars.

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